Making cheese in La Drôme

My first project visits were in the valleys of La Drôme, quite a hilly region (as a cyclist one can tell!) and, at this time of year, still very green.

Young Belgians start farming

My first stay was at the farm of Lien and David, a young Belgian couple Continue reading

Europe and frontiers

Europe, still many invisible and unsustainable frontiers!

Preparation for a journey as Cycloasis in another country is full of surprises. I have lived in different countries and know that each nation has its red tape. However, frontiers seem to be even more present when organising cross-border activities without actually moving. Just to give you some taste of that Continue reading

The launch of Cycloasis

Welcome to the blog CYCLOASISCycling to reconnect Earth and Humanity!

This is a journal of my bicycle journey of 4 months through France, called CYCLOASIS, visiting innovative eco-projects, oasis‘, that reconnect earth and humanity. During this period I will feed this blog with my travel experiences, beautiful encounters and interesting stories & features on these projects.

Over half a year of preparations comes to a close now. The result is, among others, the launch of this blog. As you can imagine lots of things need to be organised for a journey like this. And surprises are never far away! Although I have lived in different European countries and know the red tape, it is amazing to discover on what you can stubble when organising ‘cross-border’ activities in Europe and using a sustainable means of transport; a bicycle.

Think about taking a travel insurance. All kinds of motorised vehicles are included in the package, but a bicycle … no way! What about getting the bicycle on the train, or a ‘simple’ subscription to telecom outside the country you live in ….?!

Read more about this soon on this blog and follow me in all the adventures to come.

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