This Cycloasis journey cannot be realised without the help and support of many. Of friends, network relations and people I didn’t even know before! Support in kind, knowledge sharing, fantastic ideas, up to encouragement when the going gets tough.

It is wonderful to experience the enthusiasm for Cycloasis, the spontaneous help and sparkling ideas.

Preparation for an adventure as Cycloasis is key. During 6 months lots of things needed to be organised and many contacts to be established. Just for your idea:

  • cooperation and planning of the itinerary with the Associations and people of the various projects in France,
  • everything involving communication, e.g.: blog, social media, media, visuals, logo, ICT materials, software, telecommunication ….. and making sure that it all works!
  • hundreds of practical things, e.g.: insurances, paperwork, maps, equipment, subscriptions, train tickets, the right cloths, etc.

At the risk of forgetting people I wish to specially thank following persons for their trust in me, for their belief in Cycloasis, and for their invaluable support.

Projects in France

  • Pierre Rabhi for his moral support to Cycloasis and the assistance of Nelly Pons and Jean-Philippe Fabre (Oasis en Tous Lieux) to establish the contacts with the projects.
  • Sjoerd Wartena – President of Terre de Liens – for his enthusiastic support and the assistance of Véronique Rioufol and Severine Pellerin to establish the contacts with the projects.
  • Jacques Decuignières – Association Communication et Information pour le Développement Durable – for his enormous network and opening doors in the Parc naturel régional du Luberon, as well as Mylène Maurel – PNR Luberon – and Sylvie Palpant – Vélo Loisir en Luberon.
  • All the people of the OASIS’ in France that welcome me during these 4 months and are willing to share their remarkable initiatives that reconnect earth and humanity!

Preparations in Belgium

  • Sandrino Holvoet – Fondation pour les Générations Futures – for helping me through the telecom jungle, and Frédérique Lamoureux – Réseau Alliances – for assuring my French telecom subscription.
  • Filip Bullens – Cojak – for his refreshing logo design and web hosting.
  • Wiebke Herding – On subject – for being my social media guide and web blog ‘master’.
  • Roel Moons – A-Bikes – for supporting Cycloasis and getting my Santos Travelmaster bicycle and equipment ready for the journey.
  • Dirk Le Roy – Sustenuto – my employer, for supporting me to take this sabbatical and realising Cycloasis.

Friends all the way through

  • Ria, Helen, Katharina, Wim, Laurent, Nick, Jean-Marc, Bea, Karl, Benoît, Bastien, Maria-João, Richard, Leda, Bill, Giorgio, Graham, Emily, Boudewijn, Grietje, Teena, Anne-Marie, Jaap, Fred, Paula, Valérie, Vivianne, Magali, Isabelle, Ira, Suzanne, and many others.



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